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Affordable Cremation Services of Michigan is precisely that- a simple, easy, affordable solution for those who seek a different path. With the experience and seasoning of the ACS-Michigan staff, you have the commitment and reassurance of professional service, precision and value.

easy-arrangementsGood information to know:

Cremations may take place only after permission has been received from the County Medical Examiner, to ensure that no criminal activity is concealed by the destruction of physical evidence. Embalming is required if the deceased is to be transported out of state, if the cremation does not take place within 48 hours, or if the deceased had certain communicable diseases. The service provider and crematory will require express written authorization for cremation from the next of kin.

Michigan law empowers the deceased’s next of kin to make funeral arrangement and final disposition decisions. When next of kin status is shared by more than one individual, the law allows decisions to be made by a majority of persons in the next of kin class. Example: A person dies with no surviving spouse, but three children. Two of the children desire cremation, while the third prefers burial. The cremation can proceed because a majority (two) of the three next of kin are able to authorize it.

Regarding missing individuals or those who can’t be located: Reasonable efforts to contact the person at their last known address, telephone or email address must be taken by a family member or their representative. Cremation can proceed, so long as there is a majority in the same degree of kinship as the missing individual authorizing it.

If no next of kin exists or can be located, the decisions are made in this order of priority:

  • A guardian, if deceased was under guardianship at time of death
  • A personal representative named in a will
  • A person who volunteers to make arrangements and disposition decisions, and petitions the Probate Court to obtain authority as special representative
  • The County Public Administrator or County Medical Examiner

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