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Simple, Easy, Affordable Cremation in Michigan

ONLY $1595.00

Make Affordable Arrangements

Please call (269) 349-5577 to start the process. From start to finish it usually takes 7-10 business days.

Affordable Pricing

Direct Cremation: $1595.00


  • Transportation from place of death (9:00AM to 4:00PM)
    • All viewing must be completed prior to transfer of deceased.
  • Climate-controlled holding facility (3 days use)
  • Crematory required cremation container
  • Individual cremation
  • Minimal cardboard urn for cremated remains
Deceased's Information
Affordable Cremation Service
Affordable Direct Cremation:

Permits and transport costs. Subject to change without notice. If your location is not listed above, please call (269) 349-5577.

Immediate transfer of deceased from home or nursing home:
Arrangement consultation in person (if desired):
Individuals weighing between 350 lbs. and 600 lbs. (Over 600 lbs., please call)
Obtaining and mailing of death certificates:
Does not include certificate cost.
See Death Certificate Request Form
Regal Burial Urn:
Honey Brown Urn:
Family pickup of remains: After 14 days remains will be delivered or shipped, with additional charge.
Local courier delivery of remains: (Kalamazoo County only)
Certified Mail delivery of remains:

Shipping information required for all orders. After 14 days, remains will be shipped by certified mail, with additional charge.

Billing/Contact Information
Next Of Kin

Who is Next of Kin? No cremation may take place without written authorization (including overnight letters, emails or facsimile transmissions) from the Authorized Representative(s) of the deceased. Generally, the closest next-of-kin is the surviving person or persons listed as follows in the following order: (1) Spouse; (2) Children; (3) Grandchildren and thereafter the issue thereof; (4) Parent(s); (5) Siblings; (6) Nephews and nieces; (7) Grandnephews and grandnieces and thereafter the issue thereof; (8) Grandparents; (9) Uncle(s) and aunt(s); (10) First cousins and thereafter the issue thereof. A majority of persons within the same degree of kinship must sign or authorize the cremation and disposal of cremated remains in writing or by overnight letter, email or facsimile transmission if they are the closest living next-of-kin.

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Simple, Easy, Affordable...

A caring, low cost alternative to the rising costs of today’s funeral home and cremation prices. Affordable Cremation Services serves the whole State of Michigan. Read more...

Has Death Already Happened?

Step 1 -Call (269) 349-4477 to inform us the death has occurred and start the process.
Step 2 - Make Affordable Arrangements
Step 3 - Complete the Necessary Forms

Are You Getting Prepared?

Plan Ahead Now...
Step 1 - Review Arrangement Choices
Step 2 - View and Print the Necessary Forms

Have Questions?

Affordable Cremation Services of Michigan is here to help!  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for the most common questions in cremation. Read more...
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